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All About Me

Certified Health & Life Coach

Believe it or not, ever since I was little, I wanted to be a Sports Trainer, travelling with professional sports teams because of my passion for travel and sports. I also found my ability to naturally get along with people, as well as persevere through life’s challenges. If I had the ability to forever embody living a purposeful life, I would definitely feel good with travelling and servicing others full time. Everyone tells me that I am a good listener, authentic and transparent. Sometimes I am even told I’m supportive, attentive and exude a caring spirit. That’s just another confirmation that I’m in exactly the right place.

As my life has transformed over the past two years, I’ve sought God more and entered into a space of more self-awareness. As someone whose life is freer, I can say I’m proud of the work I’ve done and accomplishments I’ve made. I’ve prioritized my health and have created a self-care routine. I’m more disciplined with my money, which has led me to only having my mortgage to pay every month (regarding major bills). I hired a Coach and Therapist to continue to assist me in my personal development journey, and I’m also currently pursuing my Mastery in Coaching. Most of all I’ve grown in my relationship with God and those closest to me, and I give myself more grace along the way.

I’ve said all this to say. I believe I’ve found my true calling and purpose in life and desire to support as many people God leads me to, whether through coaching or daily interactions of encouragement. If you or anyone you know desire my services, please let me know. I mainly work with high achievers caught in the cycle of perfectionism. I help them trade feelings of anxiousness, insecurity, and failure for peace, confidence and success.

Praying God’s best for you as you also pursue purpose and fulfillment!

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