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Welcome to I Am Free Coaching with Tiffany

 I help co-parents establish and maintain healthy relationships with one another, so they can raise emotionally healthy children without experiencing long term communication issues, using my C.H.I.L.D. First Method.

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My Story

Are You Ready To Be Free?


Believe it or not, ever since I was little, I wanted to be a Sports Trainer, traveling with professional sports teams because of my passion for travel and sports. I also found my ability to naturally connect with people, as well as persevere through life’s challenges. If I had the ability to forever embody living a purposeful life, I would definitely feel good with traveling and servicing others full time. Everyone tells me that I am a good listener, authentic and transparent. Sometimes I am even told I’m extremely supportive, attentive and exude a caring spirit. That’s just another confirmation that I’m in exactly the right place. ​A lifetime of managing anxiety and depression, in pursuit of perfection, has led to many challenges.


Little did I know how much my life would transform during COVID; going through a difficult divorce and life-threatening health challenges. I managed to develop an even deeper relationship with God and entered into a space of more self-awareness. As a result, my life is more FREE, and I can say I’m proud of the work I’ve done and accomplishments I’ve made. ​I believe I've found my true calling and purpose in life and desire to support as many people as I can, so they know they are seen and heard; in turn empowering them to live a life of true FREEdom through mental wellness and healthy co-parenting. ​


Praying God’s best for you as you also pursue purpose and fulfillment in your life!

Coach Tiffany D. Newton

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Ashantia H., AR

"Tiffany did an amazing job of allowing me to speak by providing the support and attentiveness that made me feel safe. During our coaching session, she made it very easy to open up and explore my thoughts beyond the surface questions."

Valeria A., Canada

"Tiffany was very easy to engage with, she exuded a caring nature and has excellent listening skills. She empowered me to make an action plan reminding me that it is OK to move forward in small steps."

Pam B., LA

"Tiffany you were a delight to talk to today!!! I loved our coaching session and made me feel so much better after such a hectic week! If anyone out there has the chance to do a coaching session with Tiffany grab it!!!!!"
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